Born in the small rural town of Lanciano, Italy, Ernest's family migrated to Australia shortly thereafter and now lives in Hunters Hill, Sydney, N.S.W

Whilst difficult to categorise artistically, due in part to the unrestrained nature of the materials he uses, and his ambivalence to any particular school, his works could be described as emblematic of his era, and loosely ranges in style from the Baroque to conceptualised Post Modernism. He offers little by way of explanation, but invites the viewer to experience a cognitive process and discourse with the work. As he puts it ..

“I’m simply a figurative artist seeking to offer a visual insight into the individual’s quest for dignity and identity, and in this regard I’m interested in form, shape, movement and space. In my work, style doesn’t mean that much; it’s not that important, it’s little more than a particular artistic attitude that can be translated into different media, linguistic forms and visual solutions. In my treatment of the subject I seek to offer equal measures of humor and humility”.

Ernest’s works range from sculptures for public and private commissions in bronze, glass, steel, clay etc to conceptual installations utilizing found and discarded objects.

Many of his sculptures are destroyed once completed as he is concerned more with the problematic process of the work as opposed to offering its ongoing visualization.

There is a dichotomy between his installations and his commission work. He explains this duality as quite normal and reconciles this with the fact that his mood swings dictate his work. He considers his commission work visceral, more an emotional experience rather than a cognitive process. He considers his installations as an extremely personal, metaphysical narrative which has cathartic qualities.

Ernest is a graduate of Sydney University, and holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts (M.F.A.), and also a Masters Degree in Studio Art (M.S.A.) majoring in sculpture at Sydney Collage of the Arts.